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About US

About Magnus Accounting

We at Magnus Accounting are an accounting services provider with a difference. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we specialise in all aspects of accounting, including payroll management, bookkeeping, client on-boarding, tax, and VAT processes. We cater to the relevant needs of businesses of all sizes, including small, medium and large enterprises.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide highly versatile accounting services to our clients throughout the United Kingdom at competitive prices.

We are a family-owned, professional accounting firm that focuses on delivering comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and VAT services to our clients without the additional overheads that you can experience with other accounting companies.

Our Vision

As an accounting experts, we are driven by the goal to help our clients to achieve their optimal financial efficiency.

Most business owners demonstrate excellent skills and prowess in running their business effectively, addressing all areas including operations and marketing. It is in managing accounting and book-keeping tasks that many organisations fail to achieve efficiency. This is where we at Magnus Accounting can help you with. The lack of knowledge of accounting systems and legislation can increase stress and result in data inaccuracies and compliance issues. Our range of services ensure that your financials are at their optimal levels and your business operates whilst meeting all accounting-related laws.

Key Areas

Our range of services includes Accounting, Business Process Outsourcing and Management of Accounts. We help your business with the following key areas:
Prevent any fines or penalties with timely submission of all statutory returns and records
Submission of critical reports to inform relevant authorities of the status of your business
Ensuring that all return/records data is accurate and up-to-date to meet compliance requirements
Ensuring that your business has well organised accounting systems
Creating financials that help you plan for the future
We have helped dozens of businesses that have lost track of their financials due to inefficient accounting practices over the long-term. We create and set up the right systems in place to ensure that your financials always meet compliance requirements and are up-to-date. From eliminating backlogs in bookkeeping to pending tax returns from previous years, we help address all issues and bring your accounting practices up-to-date.

Why Choose Us?

We at Magnus Accounting provide both on-site and off-site accounting, booking, and taxation services. We are a highly-experienced family-owned accounting firm that has comprehensive knowledge of latest accounting and taxation regulations.

We are located locally in Aberdeen and offer affordable packages. We provide just the right services required to address the challenges you face in accounting and taxation.

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